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myki card types

Card type

CostWho's eligible to use this card?
Full Fare $6
  • People aged 19 years and over with no concession entitlement
  • International visitors 19 years and over
  • Victorian Carer Card holders with no other concession entitlement
Concession $3
  • Healthcare card holders with a Victorian address
  • Pensioner card holders with a Australian address
  • Seniors from other states in Australia
  • PTV ID card holders (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary or Asylum Seeker)
  • Seniors from other states in Australia
  • Disability support pensioners with a Victorian address
  • Victorian Carer Card holders with another concession entitlement
  • Carer payment recipients with a Victorian address
Children $3
  • Children aged 5 to 18 years (including visitors from other states and international visitors)
  • Children under 5 travel free and don't need a myki
  • Customers aged 17 and 18 must carry government issued proof of age ID (such as a passport, learners permit or proof of age card)
  • Children aged 16 and under don't need proof of age to travel
Seniors $3
  • Victorian Seniors Card holders
  • Seniors receive their first myki free with their Victorian Seniors Card

myki Explorer

Visitors to Melbourne and Victoria can buy a myki Explorer. The pack comes with a ready-to-use card, handy maps and discounts to some of our favourite places.

Buying a myki with an overseas credit card

Credit cards issued outside Australia cannot be used to buy myki cards online.

Where to buy a myki?

    Buy your myki at a retail outlet

    Visit the myki retail outlets page.

    Buy your myki at a myki machine

    Full fare myki only. myki machines can be found at metropolitan train stations, some tram stops and some bus interchanges.

    Buy your myki at a premium station ticket office

    Visit the premium station ticket office page.

    Buy your myki at a PTV Hub

    Visit the PTV Hub page.

    Buy your myki on board a bus

    Buy a myki on board a bus within the myki area and top up to a maximum of $20. Routes 401 and 601 do not sell or top up myki cards.

    Buy your myki online or via the call centre

    If you're buying a myki card online or through our call centre you'll need to provide your postal address so we can send you the card. We'll delete these details within 30 days of sending you the card. Your myki will take seven to 10 business days to arrive. Once you receive the card you need to top up so you're ready to travel. 

    You can also register your myki. This protects the balance of the card if your myki's lost or stolen. When you buy a registered myki online or from the call centre, you can choose to print your name on it.

    Buy your myki on a V/Line train

    V/Line conductors sell myki cards pre-loaded with myki Money for travel to and from V/Line stations between Melbourne and Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Traralgon and Seymour.

    • Full fare cards cost $30 and include $24 myki Money.
    • Concession cards cost $15 and include $12 myki Money.

    Pre-loaded myki cards are also available to purchase at staffed V/Line stations outside the myki enabled area (beyond Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Traralgon and Seymour).

    I've bought a myki - what next?

    Great, you're almost ready to travel! Just top up with enough money to cover the cost of your journey. 

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